China is an industrially developed country, where you can find anything you want.From textile industrial products to heavy industry, everything is possible in China.However, due to distance and cultural differences, it is difficult to find good suppliers.

Today, E-Sourcing is without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient way to find a multinational supplier. As aexperienced local sourcing agency in China, we will provide you the most useful information and the most constructive suggestions to help you develop the business with Chinese suppliers.

What we can provide you :

  • A complete report containing suppliers selected based on export capacity, production capacity, turnover, product type and quality, price positioning, factory photos and contact information.

  • Quotation after negotiation with the selected factory

  • Establish and maintain stable contact with Chinese factories

One-stop service for your orders

To ensure a good supply chain, the good supplier relationship and efficient order tracking are very important. With our high level of communication skills, we offer contact and follow-up with suppliers and forwarders. In addition, we take care of on-site manufacturing supervision, quality / quantity control before shipment and monitoring of the transport of goods so that you can receive correctly the products.

Transport agency

Based in Shen, near HK, one of the 5 busiest ports in the world, we collaborate with efficient freight forwarding agencies who can handle delivery and customs clearance procedures with very good price and services.

Additional services for your orders

  • Once your trip in China is over, we continue to follow up all the details and documents to ensure the smooth running of your project. Morover, you will receive an accurate report on manufacturing and quality control, twice a week.

  • We will help you to negotiate with suppliers and resolve quality issues under product warranty.

  • Competitive freight price by our cooperators

  • Contact between you and your supplier